Electronics & Communication Engineering



The Department of Electronics and Communication was established in the year 2010 in our campus. The department offers Diploma programme [3-yr DECE] in Electronics and Communication Engineering. The department laboratories have the state of art equipment and high-quality lab practices with experienced supporting staff which encourages students to pursue self-developed and innovative project works. The present faculty strength is 06 in which 01 faculty is M.E holder.

Electronics & Communication Engineering deals with the electronic devices, circuits, communication equipments like transmitter, receiver, integrated circuits (IC). It also deals with basic electronics, analog and digital transmission & reception of data, voice and video (Example AM, FM, DTH), microprocessors, satellite communication, microwave engineering, antennae and wave progression. All of the applications which make our life easier and enjoyable such as Television, Radio, Computers, Mobiles etc. are designed and developed by Electronics and Communication Engineers

  • Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab
  • Simulation Lab
  • Communication Engineering Lab
  • Analog and Digital Electronics Lab
  • Integrated Circuits Lab
  • Embedded System Lab



To be a centre of excellence in electronics engineering education for the benefit of mankind.


To impart knowledge in the field of electronics and its related areas with a focus on developing the required competencies and virtues to meet the requirements of society.

Job Opportunities:

  • Service Engineer
  • Software Analyst
  • Technical Director
  • Field Test Engineer
  • Senior Sales Manager
  • Network Planning Engineer
  • Customer Support Engineer
  • Electronics and Communications Consultant
  • Research & Development Software Engineer
S.No. Name of the Staff Qualification Designation
01 M. Mohamed Iffam B.E., HOD
02 A.Anto Rex Ruban B.E., MBA., Lecturer
03 M.Unusha B.E., Lecturer
04 J. Pani Regis Livina B.E., Lecturer
05 R.Sowthakini M.E Lecturer
06 J.Mary Sahaya Joselin DCSE Lab Instructor
07 S.Deva Preetha DECE., Lab Instructor